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ELOO® Waterless Toilets

The Enviro Loo (Eloo®) is a great addition to the resources of a National/State/County/ or Municipal Park System. Because the Eloo toilet for parks does not require commercial infrastructure (water, electricity, or chemicals) installation time is greatly reduced. There is no need to run water lines, sewage lines, or electricity connections before installation... resulting in an accelerated construction schedule and small carbon footprint. 


The Enviro Loo and the Eloo Golf Courses are a new target market for Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo's toilet product, the Enviro Loo (Eloo®). With the expanding and demanding recreational industry, the ELOO meets many of the requirements of today's recreational user/member by providing environmentally friendly, low maintenance, sustainable human waste management systems. The ELOO (Enviro Loo) does not require infrastructure: no water, no electricity or generated power, and no chemicals.  


Current market offerings for restroom toilets are very nice, large, concrete buildings with stinky holding tanks. These concrete facilities are horribly expensive to ship all the way across the country, to hire expensive heavy equipment - backhoes, 18-wheeler trucks, and cranes, to unload and place the tanks and buildings! It is cost prohibitive to place one of these buildings in a remote location.
LOW MAINTENANCE: no kidding, very low maintenance is a major advantage of the Eloo! Our customers have reported back to us that they cannot believe how simple and how quick the maintenance of the Eloo is for their maintenance crews.


Here is the answer to your NET ZERO requirements for human waste management systems - the Enviro Loo toilet and the Eloo Building. The concrete buildings and concrete holding tanks require considerable outside heavy equipment to be brought on base in order to install these facilities. The Eloo toilet and Eloo buidlings can be installed and maintained by base personnel with medium construction skills.


The ELOO® toilet provides an environmentally friendly way to treat human waste using dehydration and evaporation. The ELOO® toilet is particularly suited for locations that have limited water resources. 
The ELOO® toilet is manufactured in the United States only by SWSLoo, Inc. It is built to high U.S. standards and provides an environmentally safe and user-friendly sanitation system. 

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